Protolab is specialized in design, development and delivery of vehicles with high-level blast and ballistic protection.
Protolab is able to support whole development cycle from design to tested and approved turn key solutions.
Blast Protection
Protolab provides a custom-made blast protection systems according to customer's requirements.
Blast protection systems are available for Stanag 4569 levels 2a/b, 3a/b and 4a/b.
Retrofit blast protection available including 20 mm FSP protection.
Ballistic Protection
Protolab provides a custom-made ballistic protection system according to customer's requirements.
Gunner Protection
Protolab provides custom-made protected ring mounts according to customer requirements.
Stanag 4569 level 1, 2, 3 or 4 protection
360 degree traverse, manually operated
Light weight Exote-protection material
Seating Systems
Protolab supplies custom-made seating systems according to customer's requirements. Seating systems are tested and include approval certification.
Robust Crew Seat Features:
2-point seatbelt
Leg support
Seat cushion can be lifted to upright position during cargo transportation
Backrest can be folded down
Mine blast durable construction
Can be retrofitted to existing vehicles or vessels